A sight of an impressive and solitary villa on the top of a hill, with a splendid fountain in front of it, could be a sign you are in Frascati.


Located short distance from Rome in Castelli Romani, Frascati is famous for its’ local white wine and great food. Many Romans come here to take a breath of fresh air and enjoy local specialties, taking an advantage of better prices than in Rome.

In terms of sightseeing, there is nothing particular I suggest visiting there: there are no temples, ancient ruins or other architectural sights a picky tourist might expect from Italy (at least to my knowledge). However, I got my share of enjoyment by wandering through narrow streets, visiting the Cathedral and tasting Italian cuisine in a restaurant.


Recommendations: If you are in Frascati don’t forget to try white or red wine, and crispy biscuits with nuts. It could be a great traditional souvenir too!

Nearby places: I recommend visiting the amazing Albano lake and Pope’s residence, which are both located near Frascati in Castel Gandolfo.

How to get there?

  • By car
  • By CONTRAL bus from Anagnina metro stop (last station on the red line). You would pay less than 1,5 euro for a ticket, but don’t forget to buy it in advance. Find the schedule here: http://www.cotralspa.it/CalcolaPercorso.aspx
  • By train from Termini (around 2 euro)

NOTE. bus drivers generally don’t announce bus stops, so ask the driver or other passengers or use mobile maps. Tickets must be validated on board.