Small commune, located just 20 kilometers from Rome has been my home for 3 months. The place where the feet of a traveler rarely appears, life is slow-paced and you can hardly find somebody who speaks English. The average age of locals seems to be around 60, and that is the main reason why I, being 22, look like a total stranger here.

Nevertheless, this place has an inexplicable charm.  Compared to Rome, where everyone is in constant hurry and never stops, time has seemingly gone to a halt in Monte Porzio , with all the old houses, high wooden shutters, elderly people enjoying their “capucco” and chatting all day long.

I am not a big fan of wine, but those who are have a chance to visit a nice local Winery Museum.

But what I like the most is a great view from the hill: for me, it is never the same. Sun, rain, wind, and fog are able to change the surroundings drastically. From there you can see hills, green vineyards, ancient villas, mountains, covered with snow and a city of Rome itself. That view alone is worth your trip.

Recommendation: Come to Monte Porzio Catone to have a coffee, visit winery museum and enjoy fantastic views.

The next point to visit could be Frascati, which is located just 5 min away by car or 10 min by local bus.

NOTE. You can find bus schedules here:

How to get there?

  • By car (easiest and fastest way).
  • By CONTRAL bus from Anagnina metro stop (last station on the red line). Bus comes every 30-60 min. It takes at around 34-45 min to go to Monte Porzio. Price of one ticket is less than 1,5 euro, but don’t forget to buy it in advance.
  • By train from Termini to Colle Matia, and then take little white bus (it might be tricky because it doesn’t have a schedule).