Tivoli, situated 30 kilometers from Rome, is considered one of the most beautiful places to visit in the vicinity of Rome. That’s why I decided to check it myself. I have chosen to start my trip from a bus terminal of Ponte Mammolo, which turned out to be quite ugly (welcome to Italy!). It took me around 15 min to buy a ticket and find the right platform. Don’t expect anybody to speak English, unless it’s a fellow tourist, who is likely to know as much as you do: that’s why I recommend you use a navigation app and mark places you want to visit. Upon arrival, I made a mistake of following locals’ guidelines on how to reach Tivoli itself, and ended up walking 20 extra min as a result. J However, I realized it was worth the hassle as soon as I entered Tivoli. It is one of the rare places that combines greatness of past and liveliness of present.

It will appeal to both lovers of nature and those fond of Arts and History.  Ancient villas, extensive ruins, beautiful fountains and sculptures, magnificent gardens are waiting for you here.

The atmosphere of the place is very romantic; I believe Tivoli is a great pick to tell someone about your feelings or enjoy long walks with someone you love. That was such a pleasure to see couples of seniors, holding their hands and exploring villas. What a beautiful way to celebrate your life and love!

I continued my tour in Tovoli at Villa d’Éste, a Unesco World heritage site.

Villa d’Éste

Villa d’Éste is a perfect Renaissance ensemble, having architecture and nature intertwine and complement each other. From within, villa is decorated with beautiful frescoes and paintings of late Roman Mannerism. Standing on the terrace and enjoying views of the underlying city and the garden, I was thinking of the early days of the place, trying to imagine people that used to live there. Most probably they were… happy. Can you imagine a morning at such a magnificent dwelling? You’d wake up with the first rays of the sun, open up a window and a whiff of fresh air from the garden would come to your room. You’d stop for a second to admire the majestic garden, full of fresh flowers, and the scenery of Tivoli surroundings. Birds would be singing and a clear sky would promise you a great day. Wouldn’t that be the PERFECT morning?


Coming back to reality, I would note that worldwide famous fountains are not the only thing l enjoyed here, and Villa is full of other pleasant surprises. One of these is a Water Organ, which periodically entertains visitors with pieces of classical music.

I would rather not reveal the rest of the place’s secrets and enable you to search for them by yourself.

You can find more information about Villa d’Este , including visiting hours and prices here: http://www.villadestetivoli.info/infoe.htm

How to get there?

By car: Autostrada A24, exit: Tivoli;
By train: from Roma Termini, Roma-Pescara Line, Stazione Tivoli;
By bus: COTRAL bus Roma-Tivoli (station in Rome: metro stop Ponte Mammolo; bus station in Tivoli: Largo Nazioni Unite). The trip takes 45-60 min. Villa d’Este is 5 min walk away from the bus stop. Villa Gregoriana can be reached in 20 min by foot from the bus stop. There is a sign on the road, that shows directions.

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