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Located on a hill between the towns of Gaeta and Terracina, Sperlonga is a lovely little village having beautiful beaches throughout all its length. Back in Roman times it was popular among wealthy citizens and nobility. Emperor Tiberius was in love with Sperlonga and had chosen it as a place of his summer residence. Unfortunately, nowadays there are only few remains of his Villa left. However, Sperlonga is still very popular among Italians, who come here to escape from the heat, dust and noise of big cities.

Sperlonga beach

Extremely narrow streets, beautiful white houses, endless up and down stairs are the things that make Sperlonga special. I am wondering how elderly living here manage to handle those stairs every single day. Most probably it’s a matter of practice, so I got tired pretty fast. 😀

As soon as you enter the beach you can see the Truglia Tower, which has a very interesting shape (you can see on the picture). If you continue walking along seaside to the left, soon you will reach one of the nicest places in Sperlonga – a beautiful natural grotto, facing the sea. The water here is emerald green and clear. You can go inside to explore the grotto. A short distance from that place you can find a museum, which is worth visiting also.

sperlonga grotto

I didn’t write too much details about the places on purpose – that won’t be interesting after. I just want to let you know that these 3 beautiful small cities exist and they could be easily reached from 2 most popular destinations of Italy – Rome and Naples. Sperlonga a great opportunity to enjoy the charm and beauty of Italy whatever your budget is.

How to arrive?

  • Come by train to Fondi-Sperlonga railway station, take a bus or taxi to the city centre.
  • By car. It will be useful if you have a limited time.